How you drive could save you money on your auto insurance

Save up to 20 percent on your next auto insurance renewal with AAA OnBoard®


AAA OnBoard allows AAA Texas policyholders to receive a discount on their insurance premium depending on the way their vehicle is driven. If you sign up for AAA OnBoard, you'll receive up to 10 percent off your auto insurance policy upon activation. Based on your Driving Score, you could also save up to 20 percent at your next renewal once enough driving data is collected.1

You'll have access to:

  1. Insurance discounts - Calculated based on your Driving Score
  2. Your Driving Score - Calculated based on time driving during high-risk hours, as well as the number of hard braking and speeding events

Getting started is easy:

  • Visit a branch or give us a call to register for AAA OnBoard
  • Download the Auto Club App. You can text OnBoard to 80565 for a direct link.
  • Click “Get Started” to complete your setup

1To receive the up to 10% Activation discount on a vehicle, one must enroll and accept the AAA OnBoard program’s Terms of Use and Privacy Statement, download the Auto Club app and successfully activate AAA OnBoard on a qualifying smartphone.  The 10% Activation discount is pro-rated on the remaining policy term.  To qualify for the up to 20% AAA OnBoard Driving Score discount at subsequent renewal, the app must be used for a certain amount of time and record a certain number of trips.  Discounts are conditional, vary by policy and may be mutually exclusive and apply to select coverages.


 AAA insurance is a collection of AAA branded products, services and programs available to qualified AAA members.  AAA auto insurance is provided to AAA Texas members by Auto Club County Mutual Insurance Company. AAA Texas membership requires the separate payment of annual dues and an admission fee for new members.


The AAA OnBoard program is currently only available to residents of Texas.