Gift Ideas for Dads & Grads
What to get your dads & grads
Graduation season is upon us, and Father’s Day is on the near horizon. For those looking to reward their special men and hard-working students, it’s time to think about gifts: Is Dad looking for something to help with the next home improvement project? Does your graduate need a new computer or something to dress up their apartment? We take a look at gift options.

Tech & toys for dad

  • Watches are a classic Father’s Day gift, and today’s smartwatches can do more than ever.  Dad can track his steps, stay on top of his schedule, and take calls, all while still sporting a classic analog watch face. Get AAA savings on smartwatches with HP.
  • A new sports car is probably too pricey for Father’s Day, but what about something to keep his current set of wheels looking new and sporty? A car care set with a 
    new chamois, microfiber detailing cloth, car wash, auto wax, and wheel detailer could be the perfect gift. Save on a car care set from Zymol.

 Tech & toys for grads

  • If your graduate got their current computer in freshman year, it might be time for an upgrade. It’s not just age, either—the on-the-go life of a college student is a rough and tumble environment for laptops and tablets. Get AAA savings on Dell or HP computers.

Apparel ideas for dads

  • If Dad's in the market for a new pair of glasses, foot the bill for his next trip trip to the optician. Whether he needs reading glasses for the study, aviators for the beach, or just some everyday frames, glasses make for a practical yet stylish present. Save on glasses and more with AAA savings at LensCrafters.

Apparel ideas for grads

  • After college, many graduates join the workforce for the first time, and that means they need to put together an appropriate wardrobe. Give your grad a head start with the suits, ties, or shoes they’ll need to look professional. Shop business-casual footwear at Skechers.

Home gift ideas for dads

Home gift ideas for grads

  • Your graduate now has a college diploma, but without a (sometimes pricey) frame, that paper diploma may end up languishing in a drawer. A diploma frame lets them display it proudly right away. 
  • Another way to turn frames into a gift is to buy your grad some empty poster-sized frames to use once they move into their first post-college apartment. The frames can quickly be filled with whatever suits their style, lending character to their living space that will make it feel like home.
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