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Resources for mature motorists
Traffic safety is vital for drivers of all ages, but adults 55 years and older may experience physical changes that affect their ability to drive. Mature motorists can help prolong their driving years by learning to sharpen their reflexes and maintain mobility. AAA offers the following numerous traffic safety and educational programs that aim to help keep mature drivers safely behind the wheel.
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In collaboration with Posit Science, the leading provider of clinically proven brain-training programs, AAA is pleased to offer you Drivesharp. Drivesharp is a brain-training program designed to help drivers see more of their surroundings that way they can react more quickly and feel more comfortable behind the wheel.

Roadwise Driver online course

AAA’s Roadwise Driver™ online course is geared toward helping older drivers understand age-related changes they may experience and how to adjust their driving accordingly. This interactive training includes brain training and assessments, helpful tips and explanations, and dashboard camera footage from real driving scenarios.

Self-rating driving assessment tool

Get a better understanding of your driving by answering 15 questions designed to evaluate your performance. Then, use your score to learn your driving strengths and weaknesses. You’ll also get suggestions on how you can improve your technique and increase your safety behind the wheel. 

Roadwise Driver classroom course

The four-hour Roadwise Driver classroom course is designed for drivers 55 years and older who want to maintain their driving ability. The curriculum focuses on safe driving and confidence behind the wheel, and is designed to be fun, interactive, and anxiety-free. This course qualifies for the mandatory auto insurance premium discount for safe, mature drivers in Maine and may qualify drivers for insurance discounts in other states. It costs $15 for AAA members, and $20 for non-members.

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Keeping the Keys workshop

What can seniors do for themselves to continue driving safely for as long as possible? What tools can AAA offer to help? AAA is dedicated to keeping senior road-users driving as long as safely possible. Maintain your mobility by attending a 90-minute Keeping the Keys workshop. This free workshop will help provide mature drivers with the information and resources essential for staying on the road.

For more information on hosting this workshop, call 1-207-780-6989

Kentucky AAA Driver Improvement Program

Even the most experienced drivers can improve their habits and become safer, more knowledgeable drivers. The AAA Driver Improvement Program presents the techniques, skills, and information necessary to navigate today’s traffic environment. The course is designed to benefit drivers over 55 and may qualify you for an insurance discount.

South Central Ohio AAA Driver Improvement Program

Driver improvement classes are provided in a group setting to senior centers and other groups made up of mature drivers.  This three-, four-, or eight- hour course is designed to teach and reinforce defensive driving techniques and general safety rules. Classes are arranged by request. For more information or to schedule a class, contact Auto Club Driving Schools, Inc. 


Adult skills audit

This audit takes the driver along a route that  gives the instructor an opportunity to observe performance in various situations. Audits are available to members at select locations, and last no more than 90 minutes each. Instructors may suggest in-car training that is:

  • Conducted one on one with a AAA, state-licensed driving instructor 
  • Available for members and non-members
  • Held at the same place as the audit and based on instructor availability


For locations and pricing, call 1-207-791-8577

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This program offers adults 55 and older the opportunity to check how well their personal vehicles “fit” them. Technicians guide participants through a 12-point checklist to correctly adjust mirror positions, the distance between their chest and the steering wheel, and other vehicle features.


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Other resources

AAA Senior Driving

AAA is dedicated to keeping seniors driving for as long as safely possible. AAA Senior Driving offers a comprehensive collection of resources for mature drivers and their loved ones, including information on vehicle features that optimize comfort and safety, how medications can affect driving, and how to start a conversation with a maturing driver.

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