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In response to member feedback, we’ve combined our Roadside Assistance, Discounts, and TripTik apps into one. With AAA Mobile, you can now access Roadside Assistance, member discounts, maps, gas prices, driving directions, and other information all from one integrated app.

AAA MobileAAA Mobile App features

  • Roadside Service Request 24/7; no phone call needed
  • Access member discounts near you at more than 114,000 locations in the U.S. and Canada
  • Convenient trip planning with interactive maps and turn-by-turn directions
  • Locate branch offices nearest to you
  • Find gas stations and receive the latest price information
  • Find Electric Vehicle Charging stations


AAA Membership Now Accessible in Passbook

Apple®’s Passbook app brings AAA to the iPhone® allowing access to your AAA Membership card without opening your wallet. Passbook, for use on iPhones and iPod touch® devices running iOS 6.0, provides quick access to boarding passes, movie and event tickets, retail coupons and loyalty cards and, in AAA’s case, membership cards.

Now with Passbook, you can use your digital membership card at AAA discount locations or when requesting location-based roadside assistance. To add your AAA membership card to Passbook, download the AAA Mobile app from the Apple app store and enter your membership information. Once the card displays, tap the icon to select “Add to Passbook.”

If you already have AAA Mobile, you can add your membership card to Passbook by opening the AAA Mobile app, accessing Settings, then viewing "My AAA Card," and "Add to Passbook."

View Passbook Tutorial
Step by step instructions for adding your AAA Membership Card to Apple's Passbook app

How to Upgrade

If you’ve already downloaded the AAA Discounts, AAA Roadside, or AAA TripTik Apps, you can either upgrade to the new App or download the new AAA Mobile App.

AAA MobileAAA Discounts App
If you have already downloaded the AAA Discounts app, simply go into the iTunes App Store for iPhone devices or Google Play (formerly Android Market) for Android devices and download the update. This will replace AAA Discounts and upgrade you to the new consolidated AAA Mobile App.

AAA MobileAAA Roadside and AAA TripTik Apps
If you’ve downloaded AAA Roadside or AAA TripTik Mobile, you will need to download the new AAA Mobile app and delete your previous versions of AAA Roadside and AAA TripTik Mobile

Additional AAA Mobile App

AAA Mobile AAA Auto Buying Tools App
The AAA Auto Buying Tools app makes shopping for a new car easier and less stressful. It allows you to build your ideal new car by make, model, style, and price; gives you information on available options, crash safety ratings, AAA reviews and incentives; and provides the average market price for the vehicle right in the palm of your hand. Users can also submit a request to a AAA-recommended dealer to get a AAA pre-negotiated price. Please note that the AAA Auto Buying Tools App is currently only available for the iPhone.


AAA FindMe

AAA has teamed up with Sprint and AT&T to provide you with AAA FindMe, enabling AAA to automatically receive your geographic location when you call for AAA Roadside Assistance from a Sprint or AT&T wireless phone1. To take advantage of this free member benefit, you will first need to register your Sprint or AT&T handset by clicking on the link below.

AAA FindMe benefits include:

• Identifying your location, even when you are in an unfamiliar area
• Providing peace of mind, knowing that it can help AAA can locate you
• Available at no additional fee2


Enjoy exclusive member benefits with Magellan

AAA TourBook® guide information is now available on select Magellan personal navigation devices. With Magellan, you can access valuable information at your fingertips:

• AAA Diamond-rated hotels and restaurants
• Locations for member discounts
• AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities
• AAA Campgrounds
• AAA Branch Office locations
• AAA Roadside Assistance details (phone numbers and location data)


1 GPS-enabled CDMA handsets only. Members must have a Sprint or AT&T GPS-enabled handset and provide permission to release location information to AAA in advance of the roadside assistance call. Location accuracy depends on many factors and GPS availability.
2 Roadside assistance requires AAA membership, available separately.

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