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Guide to trouble-free travel

What to do if you see your transmission
in the rear-view mirror

If your vehicle breaks down and you can't get it off the roadway, get everyone out of the vehicle and stand on the shoulder safely away from the traffic. If you can get your vehicle off the roadway, move it to the shoulder and away from the guardrails. If your vehicle is safely off the road, stay inside it until help -- in the form of a police officer or AAA road service vehicle -- arrives. If someone else comes along, roll down your window only enough to ask him or her to call police.

  • Raise the vehicle hood, tie a white cloth to a door handle or use reflective triangles.
  • If you must walk to a phone, keep your group together.
  • Be cautious if someone seems overanxious to help, and avoid riding with strangers.
  • If someone motions that your tire is flat or your vehicle is smoking, don't stop until he or she is gone. Try to get to a service station or a populated place.

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