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AAA Plus RV is an enhanced membership available at an additional cost. It expand on the benefits offered by AAA Plus membership by extending roadside assistance to Recreational Vehicles (RVs). Covered RVs include motor homes, pickup trucks with campers, travel trailers (including fifth-wheel travel trailers), camping trailers, motorcycles, motorcycle and snowmobile trailers and boat trailers.

Coverage is not provided for horse/livestock trailers, for utility trailers, for boat trailers in water, or other trailers not containing living accommodations or not carrying a boat, motorcycle, or snowmobile. A seven-day wait period exists from the date of sale prior to use of the extended benefits. Plus RV memberships start at $26.00 in addition to your Plus and principal member dues. Plus details »

Whatever type of truck or special equipment is required to safely provide covered services for eligible RVs will be used. In the event an RV is disabled while pulling a trailer covered by the rules, including fifth wheel trailers, a tow will be provided to the disabled vehicle and the trailer.

If the tire of an RV cannot be changed, or if the RV is a motorcycle, towing of the RV will be provided.

To upgrade to AAA PlusRV®:

  • Upgrade online
    Login to My Account, Select the "modify" link next to your membership number and scroll down the next page to the "Upgrade Membership Level" link.
  • Contact your nearest AAA branch
  • Call toll-free 1-800-222-7623

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