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Roadside Assistance Service

Type of Service Requests

The Club allows one normally equipped service vehicle and one driver for each service request. You must pay for any special or additional equipment or personnel at the time of service and at the prevailing commercial rates. Only one service call is allowed per breakdown. The following types of Roadside Assistance are normally available:

If your vehicle’s battery is weak or dead, the Club will provide an electrical boost (jump start). If it cannot be started, the Club will provide a tow. AAA Battery Service, a mobile battery testing and replacement service, is available in some markets and batteries can be purchased at the scene of disablement, if available. (See details in Automotive Services section under Battery Service.)

If your car requires towing, the Club will provide eligible vehicles one tow per breakdown either back to the Service Provider Facility station providing the tow (if they provide repair services) or to a destination (including a AAA Approved Auto Repair facility) within three driving miles of the point of breakdown. For towing to any other destination, the Club covers the charge for the hook-up and the first three driving miles of towing. Beyond three driving miles of towing, you will be charged the service provider’s normal commercial rate per mile or fraction thereof, not to exceed $3.00 per mile plus tax where applicable. The Club will not reimburse such mileage charges.

Towing may be available for light duty trailers being towed at the time of disablement. The member, however, will be responsible for any related charges for towing of the trailer.

Members requesting flatbed service will be charged when not required by the vehicle manufacturer. Flatbed service charges are not applicable if required due to accident damage or if it is the service provider’s primary service vehicle.

Any long distance tow, or a tow to a facility other than the servicing facility, may have to be deferred to a time when the contractor can make the tow without affecting the normal Roadside Assistance Service it provides. Such a delay will not normally be more than a few hours.

Accident Towing:
Service will be provided to the member in accordance with the rules in the Towing section shown above, unless prohibited by law. Storage charges or additional tows are not covered. The Club and/or its service providers may seek reimbursement from insurance companies and/or repair facilities when appropriate.

Extrication/Winching Service:
If your vehicle becomes stuck, one normally equipped service vehicle and one driver will be provided to extricate or winch your vehicle when it can be safely reached from a normally traveled road or established thoroughfare. Extrication of vehicles parked on streets; driveways, parking lots or alleys which are snowbound or flooded is not covered under AAA membership. Shoveling snow from around a vehicle or cleaning a road or driveway is not provided. If special equipment, more than one service vehicle or more than one person is required, the associated costs may be at your expense.

Tire Service:
The Club will replace a flat tire with the inflated spare from your vehicle. If more than one tire is deflated or if an inflated spare is not available, we will tow the vehicle. Tire service is excluded for dual wheel vehicles.

Out of Fuel:
A limited amount of fuel will be delivered to your disabled vehicle, enabling you to reach the nearest service station where fuel can be purchased. Payment for the fuel at prevailing pump rates must be made to the service provider upon delivery. AAA Plus and AAA Premier members will not be charged for such limited amount of fuel.

Lock-Out/Locksmith Service:
If your vehicle’s keys are locked inside your vehicle, service is available to attempt to unlock your vehicle. If your vehicle key is lost, broken, or the service provider cannot gain entry, the Club will provide either locksmith service, a tow as allowed by towing eligibility rules, or reimbursement of commercial locksmith service up to $60. AAA Plus reimbursement up to $100 and AAA Premier members up to $150.

Minor Repairs:
Minor mechanical first aid will be attempted at the scene to place the disabled vehicle in a drivable condition when able to do so safely, conveniently, and effectively. These small repairs cannot be guaranteed and members should immediately proceed to a repair facility to consult a mechanic.

Rental Replacement Vehicle Service:
For those instances when your car is mechanically disabled and your vehicle is towed by AAA Missouri in your home club territory, AAA can help you arrange for a rental replacement vehicle at special member-only rates. Available in most areas, AAA-preferred car rental provider offices are able to provide local pick-up service in your neighborhood. AAA Plus and AAA Premier members are entitled to one car class upgrade on each vehicle rental, except that AAA Premier members cannot receive this upgrade when using their AAA Premier One Day Complimentary Rental benefit (available to each Premier member once per membership year). To find out if this service is available in your area, or to make arrangements for a rental replacement vehicle, simply call 1-800-AAA-HELP (222-4357).

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