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Welcome to Your Club

Dear AAA Member,

Thank you for joining AAA. We are thrilled to have you as a member. You have joined one of the largest membership organizations in the world. AAA has served members since 1902, and our number one priority continues to be high-quality, personal service.

You should know that the AAA membership card you carry is your “passport” to service throughout the USA and Canada. AAA provides automotive and roadside services, complete travel planning, top quality insurance and financial services and Show Your Card & Save® discounts. AAA gives you peace of mind, convenience and savings, when you are driving, traveling or around home.

This Member Handbook is intended to help you take full advantage of your membership. Read it over, then keep it handy for easy reference any time you have questions about benefits.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you in the years ahead.


James J. McGrath

Important: Benefits, programs and services are subject to change and have specified limitations. The Club publication, AAA Traveler magazine, is where you will be informed of changes and new services.

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