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Q: I trust my teen. Why should I use the AAA OnBoard device?

A: No matter how much you trust your teen, a teen driver is still an inexperienced driver. The AAA OnBoard device could help provide you peace of mind, help reduce risky driving behavior, and improve your teen’s overall driving skills.

Q: Will I get charged later?

A: AAA OnBoard is offered free of charge to members who have their insurance through AAA with their teen drivers on the policy. Failure to return the device could result in a charge (Missouri only).

Q: Will my insurance premium increase by participating in this program?

A: No, your insurance premium will not increase by participating in the AAA OnBoard Teen Safe Driver program. In the future, you may be eligible for additional discounts by having the device in your teen’s vehicle. However, whether or not you are in the program, regular insurance factors that could lead to higher rates still apply, like receiving a traffic violation.

Q: Who else has access to my personal information on the AAA OnBoard website?

A: You can set a unique password on the AAA OnBoard website to help protect against unauthorized access to your teen’s driving information. As stated above, your teen’s personal information collected while participating in the AAA OnBoard Teen Safe Driver program will not be used to increase your insurance premium. Please see the AAA OnBoard Teen Safe Driver Privacy Statement and Terms of Use for more details on the type of information collected and how it is used.

Q: What if I have trouble using the AAA OnBoard device?

A: We have online instructions, FAQs, and a video to help assist you with the AAA OnBoard device. To get the AAA OnBoard Teen Safe Driver device, or, if you have any questions, please call

Q: Is there a catch?

A: Your auto insurance premium will not increase because of your participation in the Teen Safe Driver program. We want our insured teens to be safer drivers and get in fewer accidents. AAA OnBoard can help you start a conversation with your teen driver about responsible driving habits. This is our commitment to our policyholders and members.

Q: Could installing the device void any warranties on my car?

A: The AAA OnBoard device should not affect your vehicle’s warranty. Please confirm with your vehicle manufacturer that the AAA OnBoard device will not void any warranties before you install this device. The device is made by Delphi Automotive, LLC,—a recognized manufacturer of automotive parts in the automotive industry. It plugs into the OBD port which is an industry standard used by auto mechanics.

Q: What should I do if I am concerned about my car battery?

A: The AAA OnBoard device is designed to have a minimal battery drain. Also, the device shuts down after three days of vehicle inactivity to prevent this.

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