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Movie Ticket Price List
Prices include tax. When comparing, note most sites show pre-tax prices.
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Tickets must be purchased in advance at AAA to receive discount.

 Member Price
(includes tax)
Box Office Price
(includes tax)
You Save
AMC/Lowes Theatres
$11.00 $2.50
Cinemark Theaters
(Cinemark, Century, CineArts, and Tinseltown Theatres)
$8.25 $0.25
Regal Entertainment Group*
(Edward, Regal Cinemas & United Artist Theaters)
$10.50 $3.00
Wehrenberg Theatres**
$10.00 $3.00
Not valid on no pass/no coupon engagements * Box Office Prices vary ** Wehrenberg tickets are good for any movie before 6 pm. After 6 pm, some restrictions apply. Generally, tickets are not good the first two weeks of a movie's release. Gate pricing & savings vary by location and showtime. Averages are listed.
Please note that these are paper tickets and upon purchasing online, they will be mailed to you. Orders are processed within 5 business days. Allow adequate time for mail delivery.
Savings is on the Regular Evening show.
Matinee and Senior savings may not be as large.

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Movie Ticket FAQs
  • When do the tickets expire?
    The movie tickets do not expire
  • Are the tickets valid for one specific movie?
    No. The ticket is exchanged at the theatre box office for the film of your choice. Depending on the ticket, some restrictions may apply.

Order Info
Prices subject to change without notice and are good for the current season. Orders are processed within 5 business days. Allow adequate time for mail delivery.
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