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You could help reduce your risk of an at-fault accident1 with Drivesharp™
You could get on the path to improved visual skills with this brain fitness training program

Take the DrivesharpTM experience. It’s effective, easy-to-use, and fun.

Wish you were more aware of other vehicles, street signs, and road conditions? In collaboration with Posit Science®, the leading provider of clinically proven brain fitness programs, AAA is pleased to offer you Drivesharp, a brain fitness training program that could help older adults see more of their surroundings, react faster, and reduce their risk of an at-fault accident.1 Drivesharp takes a unique approach to driving. It’s not a driving simulation or an education program, rather it’s a brain fitness software program designed to help sharpen the most important safety tool: the driver’s mind.

REGISTER FOR DRIVESHARP NOW Use Reservation ID: DRIVE6 when prompted on the order page

Drivesharp Exercises:
Test how your brain follows moving objects and your ability to keep track of multiple objects with these two interactive and challenging exercises:

Multiple Object Tracking

Multiple Object Tracking: Learn how to keep track of multiple objects with this Multiple Object Tracking training tool. [click for larger image]

Useful field of view
Useful Field of View: Improve how many objects you can see with a quick glance in this Useful Field of View training tool. [click for larger image]

Multiple Object Tracking
The first Drivesharp exercise is meant to improve your ability to keep track of several objects at a time. In the exercise, you track road hazards as they move across a GPS screen. When driving in real life, this skill could help you keep an eye on the other cars, pedestrians, and other objects moving around you. Knowing where these potential obstacles are is the first step in avoiding an accident.

Useful Field of View
The second Drivesharp exercise is meant to improve your “useful field of view”—how much of a scene you can take in with a quick glance. In this exercise, you have to focus on a vehicle right in front of you while spotting something in your peripheral vision. When you’re behind the wheel, there are countless situations in which this skill is important. For instance, if you can spot a person or child in your peripheral vision early enough, you could stop your car before they bound into the street in front of you.


Drivesharp is built on a patented technology that was designed and tested by a global team of more than 50 scientists. The program provides cognitive training which could enhance your driving skills. Drivesharp could help you:

  • Reduce your risk of an at-fault car crash
  • Increase useful field of view
  • React faster - reduce stopping distance
  • Drive with greater confidence

Drivesharp is available online at no additional cost to qualified AAA insureds in Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana Mississippi and Missouri who are 65 years or older. For insureds not meeting these requirements, Drivesharp costs $49 for AAA members only. Purchase here.

Drivesharp online is easy to access from any computer and no installation is required.

In addition to the free online program, qualified insureds can receive up to a 10% discount off their auto insurance premium upon completion of the Drivesharp course.2

Drivesharp could help drivers of all levels, so why wait any longer? Sign up for this free program today.

REGISTER FOR DRIVESHARP NOW Use Reservation ID: DRIVE6 when prompted on the order page

AAA personal lines insurance is provided to qualified members by Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange (ACIIE). AAA insured refers to those insured by ACIIE.

1Source: Ball KK, Edwards JD, Ross LA at al. Cognitive Training Decreases Motor Vehicle Collision Involvement of Older Drivers, Journal Compilation American Geriatrics Society 2010; 58:2107-2113. DriveSharp provides cognitive training similar to that provided in the ACTIVE Study which showed a nearly 50% reduction in at-fault accidents for older adults 5 years after their training.

2 Insurance discount requirements include: 1) proof of Drivesharp™ course completion; 2) Drivers must be age 65 or older; 3) A valid auto insurance policy with the Automobile Club Inter-Insurance Exchange (ACIIE) in the states of Arkansas, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Missouri.

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