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Carfax® Vehicle History Service

Members can purchase CarFax Reports online at a 20% savings.

The Carfax Vehicle History Service provides valuable information to buyers of used cars and light trucks. A carfax report helps to identify hidden problems such as odometer rollback, salvage or rebuilt vehicles, flood damaged vehicles, or odometer 'roll over' (exceeds 99,999 miles).

The new CARFAX Xpert continue to make CARFAX Vehicle History Reports the most comprehensive in the industry. The CARFAX Xpert explains valuable information on the report when the following instances occur: CARFAX 1-Owner Vehicles; Low Average Annual Mileage; Inconsistent Odometer Readings; Katrina Advisories; and Curbstoning. Plus all CARFAX reports include an "At-A-Glance" section that will explain what the CARFAX Xpert is along with the number of records checked in the database, whether the vehicle qualifies for the Buyback Guarantee and the last reported odometer reading.

Carfax has a database of used vehicle histories with over 200 million title transactions from 45 states. Information is obtained from a variety of sources including State Department of Motor Vehicles and various industry groups. The next time you are considering purchasing a used vehicle, have AAA prepare you a Carfax report that will reduce your risk of buying a vehicle with hidden problems.

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