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Great Battery Roundup - April 21-25, 2014

AAA Keeps Members On-the-Go and
Helps Make the Earth a Little Greener

AAA realizes that the environment is important to you, and it’s important to us too! AAA's annual Great Battery Roundup® campaign, held this year from April 21-25 in commemoration of Earth Day, seeks the public’s help in corralling the millions of used, lead-acid batteries that have not made their way back to their natural habitat: the recycling plant. The campaign augments the year-round collection efforts of the AAA Battery Service, which is available in select areas and removes used batteries for recycling each time a replacement automotive battery is installed.

Lead-acid batteries can be dangerous to children and pets and can pollute soil and groundwater. Just one of these batteries contains 21 pounds of lead, three pounds of plastic, and one gallon of sulfuric acid, all of which can be reprocessed into new batteries.

AAA is pleased to provide this recycling opportunity to the public. Just bring your old car, truck, boat, and motorcycle batteries to any participating AAA Approved Auto Repair facility for proper recycling.

Nearly all Approved Auto Repair* facilities are participating in the Great Battery Roundup. Call 1-800-222-7623, ext. 6821 for more information.

* The following shops are not participating in the 2014 AAA Great Battery Roundup: Faust Automotive, Aviston, Ill.; Kev’s Kars, Kenner, La.; and Lou Fusz Toyota, St. Louis, Mo.

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