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AAA Missouri serves AAA members in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Eastern Kansas, Southern Illinois and Southern Indiana.

This notice will explain AAA's policies for collecting, using, securing and sharing nonpublic personal information ("customer information") that you have provided to us or that we have acquired from other sources. After you read this notice, if you have any questions or comments, please contact us by mail, telephone or e-mail.

Our Privacy Principles:

  • We do not sell customer information.
  • We value you as a customer and take your personal privacy very seriously.
  • We respect your right to privacy. If you notify us of your decision to opt out of receiving AAA solicitations and having your personal information shared with non-affiliated companies, we will gladly honor your request.
  • We share customer information within our family of companies (including other affiliates of the American Automobile Association) to improve our service to you.
  • We sometimes share customer information with other reputable organizations (non-affiliated companies) with whom AAA has a contractual relationship and whose products and services we believe suit your needs or improve our service to you.
  • We do not provide customer information directly to such organizations but to third party processors (service bureaus) except for information provided to health care reviewers.
  • We have a contractual agreement with third party processors that stipulates that they cannot use your personal information for any other purpose than to process solicitations approved by AAA.
  • We afford prospective and former customers the same protections as existing customers with respect to use of personal information.

Information we may collect:

We collect and use information we believe is necessary to administer our business, to advise you about our products and services and to provide service to you. We may collect and maintain several types of customer information needed for these purposes. These include:

  • From you, we gather such information as your address, telephone number and e-mail address (from applications for AAA membership, AAA insurance or on other forms, through telephone interviews, your AAA agent and our Customer Care Center).
  • From your transactions with us, we gather such information as your payment history, underwriting and claim documents.
  • From non-AAA companies, we gather such information as your age, vehicles you own, your driving record and claim history. And from consumer reporting agencies, we gather such information as your credit history.

How we use the information:

We use customer information to provide your membership benefits, underwrite your policies, process your claims, ensure proper billing, service your accounts and offer you other AAA products.

Information disclosure:

We share information about our transactions and experiences with you within our AAA family of companies and with AAA agents to better serve you and to assist in meeting your current product and service needs. We may also disclose customer information about you to persons or organizations inside or outside our family of companies as permitted or required by law, including companies that perform marketing services for us or with whom we have joint marketing agreements or which provide health care review services for us. These agreements allow us to provide a broader selection of insurance and financial products to you, as well as to improve our service to you.

We share customer information as necessary to provide service to you and to protect you against fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Your choice to share information:

There are two types of information sharing -- information sharing within AAA's family of companies and information sharing outside of AAA. The choice in the Special Notice, which follows, applies only to sharing your personal information outside AAA. If you request that your information not be shared, we will discontinue sharing your information with non-affiliated companies. We may continue to share your information within the AAA family of companies.

SPECIAL NOTICE regarding sharing your personal information

This notice does not apply to sharing of information within AAA that involves your transactions or experiences with us.

What information we share: Unless you tell us not to, we may share information such as your name, address, phone number or date of birth that was obtained from your AAA membership or insurance application or other forms we use within our AAA family of companies; or information obtained from outside companies such as your driving records.

Why we share: We may share information about you within the AAA family of companies to enhance our service to you, to underwrite your policies, to measure your interest in our products and services, to improve existing products and develop new ones, and to monitor customer trends. We may share information outside AAA in order to offer AAA-endorsed products and services that we believe may suit your needs.

Who we share with:

  • We may share information within the AAA family of companies and with AAA agents, as well as certain non-affiliated companies that process offers of AAA-endorsed products and services to you.

If you prefer that we not share information with outside entities, please contact us by mail, telephone or e-mail at the address or phone number below or by completing the online form. Your choice also will apply to your associate members and joint account and policyholders.

AAA Missouri excludes from solicitations those customers who have informed AAA Missouri that they do not wish to receive solicitations

How we protect customer information

We maintain physical, electronic and organizational safeguards to protect customer information. We continually review our policies and practices, monitor our computer networks and test the strength of our security in order to help us ensure the safety of customer information.

If you have questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at the following address or phone number:

  • Write us at: Privacy Policy Inquiries, AAA Missouri, 12901 N. Forty Drive, St. Louis, MO, 63141.
  • Phone us at: 1-800-222-7623 ext. 7950.
  • Send e-mail to:

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